Denesa creates each photograph with reverence and respect for our Earth from a deeply embodied state of connection using solar-powered equipment. When you order your calendar, you're supporting your wellbeing for a year AND supporting our planet. 



We give 50% our profits to our Earth in celebration of her majesty so that she may continue to inspire our depths for generations to come.


It’s hugely important to the entire team that our work has a positive impact on our planet, from being carbon-neutral to planting trees with each calendar, to supporting targeted, meaningful environmental projects that help the ecosystem or species in each image. 

Draw nature inside this year with a calendar that celebrates our Earth's majesty.

We have the power to fill our days with vibrancy, majesty, awe and wonder.

We choose what we marinate in.

We choose how we see the world.

We choose how we give back.

Lava Hand Copyright Denesa Chan-7 4MB
Lava Hand Copyright Denesa Chan-7 4MB

How Each Calendar Helps:


Protecting Oceans,  Freshwater + Coasts


Oceans, rivers, lakes and coasts flow with tranquility and resilience. The Water Collection protects our aquatic environments.


Protecting our Climate + Poles


Glaciers, glacial lakes, icebergs and ice caves emanate powerful stillness and potent peace. The Ice Collection protects our climate to help stabilize our alpine environments.


Protecting Sea Life


Dolphins, Manta Rays + Sea Turtles  teach us to flow with life. The Life: Marine Collection protects some of the most intelligent non-human species on our planet.


Protecting Land Dwellers


Penguins, other rare Birds and Sea Lions teach us to live in balance with nature. The Life: Terra Collection protects some of the rarest  species on our planet.


Helping Hawaii Heal + Rebuild


Volcanoes and lava erupt with fiery passion, warmth and ancient vitality, birthing new land. The Fire Collection helps those impacted by the 2018 Puna lava breakout to heal + rebuild.


Protecting Our Lands


Mountains, deserts, sand dunes and rocks embody unshakable inner strength and groundedness. The Earth Collection protects our desert and alpine environments.


Protecting Plantlife


Forests, woodlands and plants sprout expansive growth and a verdant ability to rise. The Life: Flora Collection protects plantlife and promotes sustainable forestry, protecting our climate.


Encouraging Creativity + Connection


Shapes, colors and textures intertwine in delightfully unexpected ways, igniting our child-like curiosity. The Abstract Collection provides our next generations with creative outlets and a sense of connection to our natural world.


Empowering Women


Our lunar companion creates our tides and influences our menstrual cycles. The Lunar Collection empowers women around the world who depend on our natural world.


Harnessing the Sun’s Power


Our closest star bathes us with light, warmth, and incredible power. The Solar Collection empowers women in the developing world to become solar engineers and leaders of their villages.


Protecting our Climate


Expansive skies and clouds vibrate with abundant possibilities. The Air Collection helps stabilize our climate.


Protecting our Night Skies + Poles


Auroras, stars and heavenly bodies ignite our sense of limitless wonderment at the cosmos. The Cosmos Collection protects our polar regions and natural night skies.

Organizations the Calendar Supports:


Barefoot College,

Landvernd (Iceland),

Pu’uhohonua o Puna,

The Wild Dolphin Project,

MOTE Marine Laboratory,
Forest & Bird (New Zealand),

Arts for Global Development,

International Dark Sky Association,


​Hawaii Pacific Parks,

Surfrider Foundation,

National Park Foundation,

Rainforest Action Network,

MADRE (Empowering Women),

Florida National Parks Association,

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

What You'll Receive:

  • 25 digital calendar pages featuring award-winning photographs of our Earth, which you can use as digital wallpapers.

  • (Each calendar page covers 1/2 of a lunar cycle, about two weeks, designed to put you in tune with the night sky)

  • Every calendar in 5 different formats: 5K iMac Desktop, 3K Laptop/Macbook Pro, Standard 2K Laptop/Desktop, iPad/Tablet + iPhone/Smartphone, so you can be inspired with great-looking images anywhere, anytime.

  • Peace of mind knowing you’re planting a native tree in a protected national forest with each calendar purchase.

  • Breathe easier knowing you’re helping the ecosystem or species in each photo.



  • Fill your days with inspiration.

  • Breathe easy knowing you’re part of the solutions.

  • Become more in tune with our lunar cycles and night sky.

  • Feel good, knowing you're supporting independent carbon-neutral art.

  • Nature’s majesty is there to support you, inspire you and uplift you anytime, any place.

  • Feel intimately connected with the places and species in each print, knowing you’re helping them in meaningful, tangible ways.

Year of Inspiration 2019 Calendar


for 12 cents a day


Heidi Rhodes, Actor, Director, Interior Designer

Denesa's work keeps drawing me in, and it hasn’t stopped. My imagination just goes and goes and goes on what I’m seeing. It keeps creating different layers of questions, considerations. The light is continually alive. And those are to me, some of the hallmarks of real art. You live with it, and it keeps living with you. It keeps growing and changing with you.

Anna Yosin, Actress, Stunt Woman, Producer

Denesa Chan has an uncanny gift of capturing the most exquisite natural truths. That, coupled with her passionate heart, that is uniquely open and capable of perceiving deep hidden beauty, creates perfect blend of profoundly majestic photographs. Her photography invites us to see life through a magical lens of expansive clarity. Denesa has journeyed into the depths of the wilderness to unveil occult treasures and capture the energy of them so that we all may experience touch of heightened, more colorful and mystical reality. There is a saying that no camera can ever capture the full beauty of a sunset, but Denesa comes pretty damn close, because her most important ingredient is love indeed.

Faith Rumer, Expert Creativity Coach for Singers, Actors and Artists

Denesa's photography always takes my breath away. There is magic in it! She truly reveals the power and beauty of nature, and then invites us to connect to it deep from our soul.


Can I send the calendar as a gift?

Absolutely! If you're looking for something meaningful for a nature-lover, art-lover, travel-lover, moon-lover, inspiration-lover or just plain lover of life, then this calendar is a fantastic choice!

Just click “Special Instructions" in your cart when you’re checking out, and add their name, email address and your note to them. We'll email them with their calendar and your kind words.

Please note: Because of the technical fairies, you will also receive an email with the link to download the calendar. Please know that one purchase entitles one person to download the calendar. Thank you for your understanding and for supporting independent art!

What format does the calendar come in?

You'll receive a zip file with 25.JPGs in each format, one for each half a month, plus a little extra.

What if my device has a different screen size?

Since there are many devices with a variety screen sizes, we chose the most common sizes for the calendar. If the calendar doesn’t fit your device, please let us know. We’re considering adding other sizes and would LOVE your feedback. If we do add more sizes, you’ll get the upgrade for free.

When does the calendar start and end?

It starts December 30th, 2018 and ends January 2nd, 2020, so you actually get a bit more than a year's worth of inspiration.

How do I open a zip file?

On a Mac: Double click it

On a PC: Right click it & select "Extract All"

Which organizations does the calendar support?

By purchasing this calendar, you're supporting meaningful projects that tangibly help the places or species in each photo. These projects are run by:


Barefoot College, Levernd (Iceland), Hawaii Pacific Parks, Pu'uhohonua o Puna, The Wild Dolphin Project, MOTE Marine Laboratory, Forest & Bird (New Zealand), Arts for Global Development, International Dark Sky Foundation, Rainforest Action Network, MADRE (Empowering Women), Florida National Parks Association, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

What if I just learned about the calendar and it's way past January?

No worries! They can still get a year's worth of inspiration! The 12 month calendar can start whenever they want. They just need to email us and let us know they want to start.

What if I buy the calendar and don't really resonate with it?

If the calendar doesn't light you up, just let us know within 30 days of receiving it, and we'll give you a full refund. Please note: when you get a full refund, you won’t be supporting the environmental projects/organizations.

I have a question that's not covered here. Who do I talk to?

We love inquisitive people! Drop us a line to start a conversation:

emal: Info@DenesaChanPhotography.com

How do I receive the calendar?

After you buy your calendar, you'll receive an email with a link to download it.

Which screen sizes does the calendar come in?

You get five formats:
~ iMac: 5120x2880 
~ Macbook Pro: 3360x2100
~ Laptop/Desktop: 1920x1080 (Most common computer screen resolution)
~ iPad or Tablet: 2048x2732
~ iPhone or Smartphone: 1242x2208

I’d love to give feedback on the calendar or purchase process. Who do I talk to?

We love hearing from you! Email is the best way to give us feedback: info@DenesaChanPhotography.com

Special Note:

All turtle photos were taken under the US Department of Fish and Wildlife turtle permit #187 while documenting scientific research. No animals were harmed, handled or hindered in any way. Please know that it is illegal to handle or hinder these endangered animals.


Please respect these incredible animals and give them plenty of space in the wild.

Year of Inspiration 2019 Calendar

A YEAR OF INSPIRATION for 12 cents a day



 Denesa is an award-winning nature photographer from California who risks her life traveling to the most exquisite, remote locations on the globe to bring the majesty of nature’s essence into the homes of heart-centered art-lovers all over the world. She donates 50% of profits to projects doing tangible, meaningful good for the ecosystems and/or species in each print. Through each eco-luxuriously hand-crafted, limited-edition wall-sized photographic prints made from recycled materials in a family owned facility in the US, Denesa protects the ecosystems and species in her pictures, helping them thrive and continue to inspire the deepest parts of our being.

Kristen Holleyman, Internationally Award-Winning Movement Artist

Denesa's photos are a visceral, truth-filled, powerful, transformative, visual representation of universal abundance with the ability to break down, breakthrough, transcend, feel, form, un-form, and rebirth into something higher.

Alethea Root, Award-Winning Director Producer

Denesa is a force of nature both as she captures it and how she stands up for it.

William J. Watkins, Freelance Writer

Not many artists can transport you to deep, emotional places. Not many people care about our world and everyone in it to such a degree that they focus all their insane amount of talent into championing the environment for its own sake and in doing so inspires everyone around them. Not many can do and be all these things and more, but Denesa can... and she does!

Year of Inspiration 2019 Calendar

A YEAR OF INSPIRATION for 12 cents a day


Thank you for celebrating our Earth's majesty!

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